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Thomas Lynch

Thomas Lynch

Vice President - Southern California Branch

Tom's enthusiasm towards financial advising can be traced through a lifetime of embracing collaboration and helping those around him. He pursued a financial services career out of an eagerness to help his friends and family secure their own financial futures. Tom's clientele primarily consists of employees in the tech sector, to whom he offers services on long-term retirement planning, tax-advantaged investing, and general wealth management. 

 As the youngest of four boys growing up outside of Boston, Tom has spent his entire life competing with those around him. This competitive spirit translates well to his approach with clients; he is willing to put his nose to the grindstone to ensure that every client's need is taken care of. Tom was promoted to a leadership role in 2023 and oversees a team of financial advisors in addition to running his own practice.

 When he isn't working, you can find Tom tirelessly cheering for his beloved Boston sports teams, playing pickup basketball at parks around Los Angeles, and spending quality time with friends and family. Tom is also a self-taught guitar player and a very passionate fan of punk rock music. 

CA Insurance License #: 4055608